Friday, April 6, 2007

Plasma TV and LCD, which is better?

If you are planning to buy new TV, It is not easy to decide whether to buy a plasma TV or LCD. Here is a very short comparison of these two. Hope this can help you to decide which one you should go for.

Screen size: Screen size is the most important factor whether to choose Plasma or LCD. LCD can give you the best performance for small size screen. Normally LCD televisions are available with screen size in between 13 inch to 45 inches. If you are looking for bigger screen you can have more choice with Plasma TVs. Most of the plasma TV screen size in between 32 to 63 inches.

Power consumption:In normal operating condition there is not much difference in power consumption. However in plasma TV power consumption varies based on the brightness of a scene. If you like to view with bright screen in plasma TV power consumption will be more then the darker screen. But this is not the same for LCD. There power consumption not depending on brightness.

Life span:ife span of both plasma TV and LCD are almost same. Ideally their life span is around 60000 hours. Some LCD manufacturer claims their LCD TVs can last upto 80000 hours.

Refresh Rate: Plasma displays refresh and handle rapid movements in video, here the refresh rate is as good as CRT televisions. LCD TVs were originally designed for data display. Therefore refresh rates are not as good as Plasma TV. LCD TVs available with refresh rates below 16ms. Now-days they are available with refresh rates as low as 5ms.

Price : Perhaps the biggest advantage plasmas have now over their LCD cousins is price, particularly in the large screen end of the market. Plasmas typically come in larger sizes than LCDs at a cheaper price.

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