Monday, December 25, 2006

IPOD buying tips

There are so many types of iPods available in the market. And it is hard to choose which one is best for me. Here are the main factors which I would consider while buying an iPod. But it may differ to others depending upon their preferences.

  • There are three main types of iPods available in the market.
  1. iPod Shuffle
  2. iPod Nano
  3. iPod
  • iPod Shuffle:This is the simplest iPod. It has 1 gigabyte of storage (1gb). This equals about 240 songs. Its builtin battery is rechargable and can play music for about 12 hours. The iPod Shuffle does not have a screen so you can not visually browse your titles.
  • iPod Nano : All new iPod Nanos come with a bright color screen. Don't buy a Nano if it doesn't have this as it is an older one. The color screen lets you find your music selection more easily than the Shuffle. Depending on the version of the Nano it can hold anywhere from 500 to 2,000 songs.
  • iPod (Video) : This is very similar to Nano. The regular iPod is wider and longer than the Nano giving you the largest iPod screen availble. The functionality is exactly the same except that you can also store and play video. Available in 30gb and 60gb and 80gb sizes. The battery on the Ipod will last up to 20 hours before giving out making it a great music and video player for long trips.
  • Storage : Its better to have fairly large storage, I would prefer one with more then 20 gig. This will help me to store enough song/video for long trip.
  • Size : Here one big question is how big that iPod could be. If you are really concern with size. You can go for Nano. But this option may take some extra from your pocket. For example The 8GB iPod Nano lists for $249.00 US, the same price as the 30GB iPod. So, need to decide here among capacity and size.
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